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For SILAM-based applications, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) offers uniformly 15N-labeled and unlabeled Mouse Express® mouse feeds that have been prepared using the algae Arthrospira platensis (commonly referred to as Spirulina).  The 15N feed has been formulated to provide only 15N-labeled protein, together with the other nutrients/vitamins required for normal growth.  In addition to the feed, CIL offers unlabeled or uniform labeled (U-13C, U-15N) Spirulina whole cells (lyophilized powders).

Please view the availability, pricing, and specifications of these mouse feed offerings and inquire if further information or a quote is required.  For additional background and resources, click on the SILAM application page.

Spirulina Whole Cells
Mouse Express® (15N, 98%) Mouse Feed
Mouse Express® Unlabeled Mouse Feed prepared with Spirulina


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