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NMR Solvents and Consumables .

NMR Solvents and Consumables

It is no secret that Cambridge Isotope Laboratories produces the highest quality NMR deuterated solvents in the world.  CIL has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing deuterated solvents and NMR reference standards. CIL engineers have been able to design and implement processes which ensure an extraordinarily high isotopic enrichment and chemical purity.  The Quality Control Department performs a suite of analytical testing to ensure each lot of material produced meets or exceeds our specifications.  The packaging of the NMR solvents is done with the utmost care as not to introduce any impurities.

CIL’s NMR solvents are packaged in a variety of conveniently-sized ampoules and bottles.  The ampoules are intended for a single use with little or no waste and bottles are intended for multiple samples. 

CIL also offers several deuterated solvents that contain TMS or TMSP-d4 so that calibration of the 1H chemical shift scale becomes trivial.  In addition, CIL offers a wide selection of NMR tubes which are compatible with both low- and high-field magnets.

For more information about our NMR Solvents such as FAQs visit our NMR Solvents and Consumables Applications Page.

New NMR Solvents and Consumables
Deuterated Solvents
13C Depleted Solvents
NMR Tubes
Deuterated Solvents for Dissolution DNP
NMR Reference Standards
qNMR Standards


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