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Protected Amino Acids

CIL offers a variety of conventional and non-conventional, protected amino acids for solid phase peptide synthesis.  The conventional Fmocs/Bocs include L-Lys (e.g., 13C6, 15N2, CNLM-4754-H-PK) and -Arg (e.g., 13C6, 15N4, CNLM-8474-H-PK), while the non-conventionals encompass alternate protected amino acids (e.g., Leu, Ile, Phe, Tyr, Val).  Isotopic labeling can be either uniform or partial, with preloaded resins also available to help aid peptide synthesis efforts.
For additional information, please see our Stable Isotope-Labeled Peptide and Protein Reagents/Kits catalog.

99% Protected Amino Acids
N-FMOC Amino Acids
N-t-BOC Amino Acids
Uniformly Labeled Protected Amino Acids
Partially Labeled Protected Amino Acids
Other Protected Amino Acids


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