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Free Amino Acids

CIL offers a multitude of unlabeled and isotopically labeled free amino acids for use in MS- or NMR-based metabolomics, proteomics, and structural biology.  The amino acids are canonical (e.g., arginine, lysine, phenylalanine) and non-canonical (e.g., beta-alanine, citrulline, ornithine) in grades of research and microbiological/pyrogen tested (MPT). They are available as uniformly or specifically labeled with carbon-13, nitrogen-15, deuterium, and oxygen-18 and are often used as metabolic tracers, internal standards, or NMR probes for structure and dynamics.

Please view the availability, pricing, and product specifications below.  Also, see our Stable Isotope Standards for Mass Spectrometry and Stable Isotopes for Biomolecular NMR catalogs for additional information.

Uniformly Labeled Amino Acids
Partially Labeled Amino Acids
Unlabeled Amino Acids
Stable Isotope-Labeled Arginine
Stable Isotope-Labeled Lysine


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