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Chemical Tagging Reagents and Related Products .

Chemical Tagging Reagents and Related Products

Chemical tagging involves chemically modifying an analyte, such as a glycan or a peptide, through a defined reaction prior to analytical analysis.  The reaction may take the form of reductive methylation of primary amines in peptides (via formaldehyde and cyanoborohydride in their unlabeled and stable isotope-labeled forms) or hydrazide tagging of enzymatically released N-glycans (via phenyl 2-GPN).  The latter glycan tagging kit is termed Individuality Normalization when Labeling with Isotopic Glycan Hydrazide Tags (INLIGHT┬«).  All reductive methylation reactions described are designed for 2- or 3-plex relative quantitation studies.

For more information on INLIGHT or Dimethyl Labeling visit the Chemical Tagging Application Page.


New Chemical Tagging Reagents and Related Products
Reductive Methylation Reagents
INLIGHT® Glycan Tagging Kit


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