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Biological Standards .

Biological Standards

CIL offers a variety of unlabeled and stable isotope-labeled standards for incorporation into various biological samples, with analyses performed by user-specified analytical techniques (e.g., MS, NMR).  Example biological standards encompass the classes of amino acids, caffeine and metabolites, calibrant gases, carnitine and acylcarnitines, fatty acids and lipids, steroids and hormones, and vitamins.  The standards are available as individuals and/or as mixtures.  Applications utilizing such standards include the study of metabolic function and dynamics, health and disease, breath tests, and other screening exercises.  These standards are used to obtain accurate and precise quantification of endogenous metabolites in various biological matrices.

Please view the availability, pricing, and specifications of our biological standard offerings below and inquire if further information or alternate products/labels arerequired.  For additional details, view the following catalogs: Stable Isotope Standards for Mass Spectrometry, Stable Isotope-Labeled Products for Metabolic Research, Stable Isotope-Labeled Gases, MS/MS Standards.


New Biological Standards
Amino Acids
Caffeine and Metabolites
Calibrant Gases
Carnitines and Acyl-Carnitines
Fatty Acids and Lipids
Steroids and Hormones
Other Metabolites and Substrates


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