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Caffeine & Caffeine Metabolites

Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant of the central nervous system.  MS-based research into caffeine and its metabolites aims to better understand kinetics/metabolism among other research pursuits (e.g., health and disease).  CIL offers stable isotope-labeled caffeine and a collection of isotopically labeled metabolites for basic and translational research.  These research grade materials are available in various labeling patterns and in their neat form.

For additional information and offerings, please view our Stable Isotope Standards for Mass Spectrometry catalog.


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CNLM-9252-0.005  1-METHYLXANTHINE (2,4,5,6-13C4 , 99%; 1,3,9-15N3,98%)$778.00 5 MG

CNLM-9252-0.002  1-METHYLXANTHINE (2,4,5,6-13C4, 99%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$330.00 2 MG

CDLM-9249-0.001  1-METHYLXANTHINE (CHEMICAL PURITY 97%) (1-METHYL,6-13C2, 99%; 1-METHYL-D3, 98%)$124.00 1 MG

CDLM-9249-0.005  1-METHYLXANTHINE (CHEMICAL PURITY 97%) (1-METHYL,6-13C2, 99%; 1-METHYL-D3, 98%)$524.00 5 MG

CNLM-9240-0.002  5-ACETYLAMINO-6-AMINO-3-METHYLURACIL (AAMU) CP 97 (2,4,5,6-13C4.99%; 1,3-15N2,6-AMINO-15N,98%)$412.00 2 MG

CNLM-9240-0.001  5-ACETYLAMINO-6-AMINO-3-METHYLURACIL (AAMU) CP 97% (2,4,5,6-13C4,99%; 1,3-15N2,6-AMINO-15N, 98%)$218.00 1 MG

CNLM-9240-0.005  5-ACETYLAMINO-6-AMINO-3-METHYLURACIL (AAMU) CP 97% (2,4,5,6-13C4,99%; 1,3-15N2,6-AMINO-15N, 98%)$970.00 5 MG

NLM-332-PK  CAFFEINE (1,3-15N2, 99%)Please Inquire
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CNLM-333-PK  CAFFEINE (2-13C, 99%; 1,3-15N2, 98%+)
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CLM-728-PK  CAFFEINE (3-METHYL-13C, 99%)
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CNLM-9241-0.001  1,3-DIMETHYLURIC ACID (2,4,5,6-13C4, 99%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$216.00 1 MG

CNLM-9241-0.002  1,3-DIMETHYLURIC ACID (2,4,5,6-13C4, 99%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$412.00 2 MG

CNLM-9241-0.005  1,3-DIMETHYLURIC ACID (2,4,5,6-13C4, 99%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$970.00 5 MG

CNLM-9242-0.001  1,7-DIMETHYLURIC ACID (2,4,5,6-13C4, 99%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$216.00 1 MG

CNLM-9242-0.002  1,7-DIMETHYLURIC ACID (2,4,5,6-13C4, 99%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$412.00 2 MG

CNLM-9242-0.005  1,7-DIMETHYLURIC ACID (2,4,5,6-13C4, 99%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$970.00 5 MG

CNLM-9243-0.002  1,7-DIMETHYLXANTHINE (PARAXANTHINE) (2,4,5,6-13C4, 98%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$371.00 2 MG

CNLM-9243-0.005  1,7-DIMETHYLXANTHINE (PARAXANTHINE) (2,4,5,6-13C4, 98%; 1,3,9-15N3, 98%)$889.00 5 MG

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Items 1 - 20 of 35         

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