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Organic Acids and Conjugate Salts .

Organic Acids and Conjugate Salts

CIL offers a collection of organic acids (OAs) and conjugate salts for analytical detection and quantification.  These encompass monocarboxylic (e.g., acetic, lactic), dicarboxylic (e.g., malic, succinic), and tricarboxylic (e.g., trans-aconitic acid, citric) acids.  Collectively, these play essential roles in energy metabolism pathways (e.g., glycolysis, tricarboxylic acid cycle), with the short-chained OAs emerging as important regulators of host immune responses and transcriptional regulation.

Please view the availability, pricing, and specifications below and see our Stable Isotope-Labeled Products for Metabolic Research catalog as well as our Application Note #47 for additional information.


New Organic Acids and Mixes
Organic Acid Mixes


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