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Minimal Media Reagents .

Minimal Media Reagents

The use of isotope-enriched, minimal media to over-express labeled protein in e. coli is the most cost-effective and popular way to produce isotope-enriched protein for NMR studies.  Minimal media is easily prepared by the user and consists of M9 salts, vitamins, a nitrogen source (either ammonium chloride or ammonium sulfate) and a carbon source (e.g., typically glucose or glycerol).  The carbon source can either be uniform labeled (e.g., 13C6 or D7 glucose) or partially labeled (e.g., 1-13C glucose or 1,3-13C2 glycerol), depending if uniform or partial/sparse labeling for the target protein is desired.  The carbon source can be a single compound such as glucose, or a mixture of labeled compounds, such as Celtone powder. 

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories is pleased to offer a complete line of labeled reagents used in preparing minimal media used in the production of labeled protein.  Please see the below table to help choose the correct labeled substrate(s) to produce the desired labeling pattern. 

Minimal media reagents are not sterile products and therefore liquid media prepared using these products require sterile filtration prior to use.  Please note that D2O instead of H2O is used to formulate media for use in labeling protein with deuterium.


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