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IROA Biochemical Quantitation Kits .

IROA Biochemical Quantitation Kits

These kits contain the protein reagents and tools necessary for the successful metabolic labeling, identification, and quantitation of metabolites in various cell populations. Refer to product list for details.

Kit Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminates technical and analytical variance
  • Increases reliability
  • Removes artifacts and noise increases precision and determination of metabolome
  • Reproducible identification of knowns/unknowns
  • Accurate, relative quantitation
  • Automated solution (via ClusterFinder™ software)
  • Easy statistical interpretation of sample results
  • Broad applicability with experimental perturbations being user-defined

For more information on IROA KITS visit our IROA Applications page

IROA Metabolic Profiling Kits
IROA Phenotypic Kit
IROA Fluxomic Kit


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