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Primary Bile Acids

Primary bile acids (BAs) are synthesized from cholesterol and conjugated with glycine or taurine in the liver. These conjugated BAs are stored in the gall bladder until release to the intestine, at which point they are deconjugated (i.e., released of glycine and taurine) and biotransformed (i.e., converted from unconjugated primary BAs to secondary BAs) by gut microbes.  CIL offers an array of unconjugated (e.g., cholic acid or CA, chenodeoxycholic acid or CDCA) and conjugated (e.g., glycocholic acid or GCA, glycochenodeoxycholic acid or GCDCA) primary BAs.  These are available in their stable isotope-labeled and unlabeled form as solution or neat materials for research use purposes.  A few primary BAs (3 unconjugated and 4 conjugated) are also included in our BA mixtures (stable isotope-labeled: MSK-BA1 and MSK-BA2; unlabeled: MSK-BA1-US and MSK-BA2-US).

For additional information on these standards and mixes, please see our Stable Isotope Standards for Mass Spectrometry catalog and Metabolomics Bile Acid Mixtures product flyer.


Labeled Primary Bile Acids
Unlabeled Primary Bile Acids


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