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Other - Key Metabolite Standards

To provide flexibility and ease of use in metabolomics research applications, CIL offers small package sizes (0.1 mg) of metabolites encompassing a range of metabolic classes (e.g., amino and organic acids, fatty acids and lipids).  These neat materials are stable isotope-labeled (weight tolerance ┬▒10%), with their unlabeled analogue also available for expanded application.  Listed here are the other metabolites (e.g., hypoxanthine) not represented in the other classes of key metabolite standards shown on the preceding pages.

Please refer to our Small Package Sizes flyer for a complete list of our key metabolite standard offerings.  For a broad overview of our metabolite standards library, please refer to our Stable Isotope Standards for Mass Spectrometry catalog and inquire if other compounds or sizes of interest would be desired.



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CLM-8042-0.1MG  HYPOXANTHINE (13C5, 99%)$72.00 0.1 MG

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